Shaw Tilton

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 34

Rockingham County
I grew up in Maine and have had the fortunate experience to live and travel throughout the United States. But after all those experiences, I am happy to have returned to New England and to now call Kingston, New Hampshire my home.

Throughout my life, I have worked with others to accomplish meaningful goals whether as a collegiate rowing coach, carpenter/builder, director within the Department of Veterans Affairs, a soldier or as a social worker. I have direct experience in town government, as I presently serve on the Budget Committee, Conservation Commission and as a Trustee of the Trust Funds in Kingston, working to protect our citizen’s monies and town’s natural resources. Previously, I served the state for five years in the New Hampshire Army National Guard, which included one deployment.

Currently in my career, I’m a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. The most basic tenet of my profession is – do no harm – specifically, to do no harm when working with and helping people. Sadly, during the past two years the current legislature and governor have done the exact opposite – they have caused direct harm to us – from abortion restrictions to public education mismanagement to not protecting our police or the environment and to increasing our local tax burden. Additionally, they have threatened our democracy and fundamental right to vote. This has motivated me to run for State Representative to address and change these harmful actions.

As a social worker, I know when people are treated with dignity and respect, this can bridge divides between people, heal ruptures, foster dialogue and create solutions. While there is much divisiveness in politics these days, I want to engage in positive dialogue and focus on bringing much needed solutions to Granite Staters so individuals and families can thrive.

I’m running for State Representative because there are many serious issues that we face as towns and as a state. When I am elected, I will work with all elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, to enact solutions that protect abortion rights and women’s health care, support public education, pass gun safety laws, safeguard the environment, reduce property taxes, increase access to housing and mental health services, and address the rising costs of living. As your next State Representative, helping families will be my top priority every day.


Public Education
I will ensure that our teachers and students can do what they do best – make New Hampshire a leader in tomorrow’s talent. Strong public schools help create responsible, prepared community members. I will support investment in our public education system and teachers, create safe and inclusive learning environments and ensure public monies support public schools.

Reproductive Rights
I will ensure your right to choose if, when and how to start or grow a family. When elected, I will vote in favor of policies that protect reproductive rights in addition to expanding access to quality, affirming, and nondiscriminatory care.

Environment & Energy
New Hampshire has unparalleled natural beauty. Protecting our environment, drinking water, and having clean air to breathe is top priority. I will support investment in clean energy, updating our Public Utility Commission, increase tax incentives for homeowners to weatherize and to modernize their heating systems, all in order to reduce rising energy costs. This will ensure New Hampshire remains healthy, affordable and beautiful for all.

Property Taxes
Property tax relief and tax fairness are essential to our NH way of life. Reducing property taxes will ease the burden on families, making our homes and rent more affordable, and attract more workers to grow local businesses and a healthy economy. I will work to ensure equitable taxes are shared throughout the state with families, communities and businesses working together.

Equality & Diversity
From a young age, we all learn to treat others as we want to be treated. Communities thrive with diversity. Granite Staters including Black, Brown, and folks within the LGBTQ+ communities should have the freedom to become their best selves and know that they belong here.

I will work to create more affordable housing within all communities. Rental vacancy rates are under 1%, housing supply is at an all-time low, and prices are at an all-time high. This hurts businesses who cannot find workers. By supporting zoning that makes sense for the modern economy, and investing in infrastructure like regional water and sewer, allows our communities to build housing. Creating housing helps our businesses thrive.

Democracy & Voting Rights
For Democracy to work, it needs all of us to vote. Secure, easy registration and easy verification systems exist and need to be adopted. In America, the people choose their leaders – not the other way around. I support enhancing access to voting. As a veteran, supporting our democracy and constitution is a top priority, while holding accountable those that violate our laws, suppress voting, and intimidate those who are less powerful.

Childcare & Jobs
Small businesses need a trained workforce, modern infrastructure, and state and local governments that work in partnership seeking solutions together. To support the economy, families need access to affordable childcare. People shouldn’t have to choose between the people they love and the job they need.

Mental Health
I will work to increase accessible and affordable treatment for opioid addiction and mental health issues. Reducing stigma and increasing access to treatment, helps people live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Gun Safety
While I support the Second Amendment, we all deserve to live in safe communities. I support ensuring our police officers are as safe as possible when they do their jobs. Preventing unnecessary loss of life through mandatory background checks, and license and registration for the purchase, sale, and resale of firearms is a priority.

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