Lisa DeMio

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 15

Rockingham County
I have lived with my husband in Hampstead for over 20 years, we raised all four of our children here and I know just how busy NH families are – none of us has a lot of time to spare – we want our free time to be spent with loved ones and friends, not worrying about what is going on in Concord. So we need to trust that our elected officials will do right by us in the State House and that they will work for the things that actually matter to us.

NH works best when we all work together.

Instead of working for NH families, republicans continue to try to divide and distract us with made-up culture wars in the hope that we won’t notice what they are up to, like going after our public schools with a reckless voucher scheme, interfering in curriculum, and undermining our teachers. enacting the first abortion ban in NH’s modern history, and targeting our LGBTQ+ youth with cruel, discriminatory bills

These are not things NH families want! As state representative I will fight to keep public dollars in our public schools, ensure reproductive freedom, and to finally raise our minimum wage so that people who work for a living actually make a living. We deserve a government that works for all of us!


State House Democrats believe in a New Hampshire that works for everyone. As extreme Republicans in Concord passed New Hampshire’s first abortion ban without exception for rape, incest or fatal fetal anomaly they ignored the current energy crises which has caused our electric rates to double. Democrats in the State House will always work to protect a women’s right to an abortion, push to adopt domestic renewable energy so we can lower energy costs and fight to keep public money in public schools so every student in New Hampshire has the opportunity succeed.

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