Josh Query

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 39

Hillsborough County
I believe it is the fundamental right of every Granite Stater to have access to a first rate public education, regardless of their zip code. The state owes it to every child and every family to provide our public schools with comprehensive, quality support, and resources. I believe the economic and social success of New Hampshire is dependent on strong public schools.


State House Democrats believe in a New Hampshire that works for everyone. As extreme Republicans in Concord passed New Hampshire’s first abortion ban without exception for rape, incest or fatal fetal anomaly they ignored the current energy crises which has caused our electric rates to double. Democrats in the State House will always work to protect a women’s right to an abortion, push to adopt domestic renewable energy so we can lower energy costs and fight to keep public money in public schools so every student in New Hampshire has the opportunity succeed.

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