Cassandra Levesque

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 4

Strafford County
Cassandra Levesque is a New Hampshire State Representative, running for reelection
for Strafford – 4, Barrington. Currently, she serves on the Child and Family Law committee and is an online student at Southern NH University where she studies Political Science.

Having been Barrington’s State Representative for four years, she started on the path to the State House in 2015 when she started to advocate to End Child Marriage in New Hampshire.

Cassie is a pragmatic leader, throughout her time in office she has found that her political views have expanded and she has realized the importance of standing up and being active in our State Government. As your representative, Cassie will bring the voice of her generation and her community to the State House and will continue to work for New Hampshire’s best future.


Education – Our teachers are professionally trained educators who consistently act in the best interest of students while balancing competing pressures. All students have the right to quality education, from early childhood to post-secondary college or career training. Children and teachers have the right to be safe in school. Cassie supports gun-free schools and will fight any attempts to arm teachers or militarize schools under the pretense of school safety.

Healthcare-All people must have access to affordable, safe, legal, and accessible reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion care, regardless of geography, income, or insurance coverage, and free from government interference. Cassie opposes bands on abortion and other measures that add barriers to accessing care as arbitrary and unnecessary infringements on individual liberty, freedom, and privacy that pose a risk to patient health and wellbeing.

We must strengthen our economy, and lower electrical rates! New Hampshire is a wonderful place to live but we can make it better for families by having fair equal livable wages, affordable housing, and protecting workers’ rights to join a union. We must expand our workforce, not just bring jobs to New Hampshire.

Cassie is proud of New Hampshire’s diversity and will continue to make sure that everyone is free from discrimination in all areas of our society including employment, housing, education, healthcare, and our justice system.

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