Shana Potvin

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 2

Hillsborough County
My name is Shana Potvin (you pronounce my first name Shay-nuh). I was born and raised here in New Hampshire, graduating from Manchester Memorial High School and Southern New Hampshire University. I am a wife and proud mom to two incredible kids.

I am running for State Representative to represent the town of Bedford and bring back balance to the State House in Concord. I am running because the people of Bedford deserve a representative that listens and values the advice, input, and issues of everyone in the community. I am an empathetic, level-headed voice. I am someone who can create positive change for those of all ages, abilities, identities, and backgrounds. I am ready to tackle the real-world issues of the towns, families, schools, and small businesses across New Hampshire.

I believe that a strong community is built when residents become active and engaged.
I am:
An experienced leader in local nonprofit organizations.
A parent & volunteer in our schools – Past chair of Stand By Me & Destination Imagination Team Manager.
An active volunteer in our community – Current Co-Chair of the Bedford Democrats, former Chair of Bedford Energy Commission, served on Bedford Public Library Foundation.


Quality Public Schools
School is a place where childhood happens. A place where children of different places and races learn from the past, make sense of the present and prepare for the future. While our trusted teachers worked to safely deliver our children an accurate and honest education, NH Republicans pushed through a reckless voucher scheme, interfered in curriculum, and tried to undermine our teachers.

*We need to make sure that our teachers and students can do what they do best – make New Hampshire a leader in tomorrow’s talent.

*We know that strong public schools help create responsible, prepared community members.

*We must keep public dollars in our public schools, and out of the pockets of for-profit private vendors and religious schools.

*We must protect the fundamental promise of quality public education for all students, regardless of race, religion, or disability.

Health Care

Everyone should be able to get the care they need, when they need it, without worrying about going bankrupt. This session Republicans in Concord tried to distract and divide us with made up culture-wars, while they tried to insert themselves into our private medical decisions.

*If someone that I Iove needs an abortion one day, I would want them to be treated with compassion and receive the care that they need.

*We are only as healthy as the person standing next to us. Nobody should have to choose between a paycheck or spreading infection, between life saving medicines or food.

*We must address the opioid crisis with accessible & affordable treatment that will help our loved ones who are fighting this disease to get their lives back on track.

*We must make sure that local public safety officials have both the data and the authority to best respond to any crisis with science-based solutions.

Clean and sustainable environment

New Hampshire’s unparalleled natural beauty is a treasure worth protecting. For too long, some Republicans have been peddling a false choice between economic prosperity and the environment. The cost of their greed can be measured in lost lives, higher food prices, poorer health and billions of dollars in disaster relief.

*We need to hold corporations accountable for the damage they cause, and demand they clean up their messes.

*It is way past the time to invest in clean energy, right here at home, to keep New Hampshire healthy & beautiful for all.

*We all want to be confident that when we send our kids outside to play that they are breathing clean air.

*We can attract young families by investing in innovative solutions for transportation and energy.

*I want to make sure that when our families turn on their faucets they will have fresh clean drinking water.

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