Rebecca McWilliams

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 30

Merrimack County
Rebecca McWilliams was first elected as a State Representative in 2019. She is a mom of three, and licensed as an architect and attorney. She currently serves on the House Science, Technology & Energy Committee. Rebecca has over 20 years experience managing construction projects, negotiating contracts, and resolving complex financial challenges. As an architect and attorney she is an expert in collaborating and negotiating with people of many backgrounds. Rebecca and her husband James run the Lewis Farm, providing local compost to all of Central New Hampshire.


Increase Net Metering to 5MW
Join the Clean Cars Initiative so NH auto dealers can get ZEVs and LEVs
Fully Fund Childcare Employees at a living wage
Create a 10 year State Climate Action Plan
Ensure public funds go to public schools
Pass a constitutional amendment ensuring Granite Stater’s right to healthcare privacy
Update NH Building Code from 2015 to 2018 standards
Enact standards requiring recycling for construction debris disposal
Pass a NH living minimum wage / end subminimum wage
Create default NH Medicare for All with opt out option
Allow ADUs by right to address 20,000 housing unit shortage
Pass A Fourplex is a House” Bill to allow incremental neighborhood housing statewide
Update House Rules to allow remote public participation in all Committee Hearings
Update House Rules to allow proxy voting”””

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