Patricia Cornell

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 22

Hillsborough County
I am Patricia Cornell and I am running for my 5th term as the representative for District 22, Ward 11.
I was born in Manchester, went to Manchester public schools and have lived here my entire life. My husband and I bought our home on the West Side when we got married and have lived here for 44 years. Until I retired I was a counselor at the Middle School at Parkside for 36 years. I am presently a Trustee of the Manchester City Library and served as a Water Works Commissioner for 6 years.
I have served on the Education Committee for the past three terms, education has and will continue to be my key issue.
I will always vote against any bill that will downshift costs to local communities.


Public Education-support and fund
Fund early childhood education
Accessible and affordable housing
Affordable and accessible health and mental health services
Reproductive choice
Voting rights

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