Michela Hites

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 66

Michela’s passion for civil service is built on the belief that representative government demands solidarity with the community you serve. She is a lifelong Londonderry resident and proud member of the working middle class. Michela understands the issues that affect this community because she’s a part of it. As a Londonderry High School graduate, quality public education was a foundational influence on Michela. She went on to pursue secondary education in the region as well. She studied at the UNH Manchester and Manchester Community College before completing her certificate in dental assisting. Her political career began in 2016 as a canvasser for candidates up and down the ballot. On the frontlines of campaigns, Michela heard directly from constituents about the issues that matter most to them. That’s why she is committed to supporting public education, protecting clean water, and defending reproductive rights. She also found a kinship with those she engaged with in their perceived lack of a voice in local politics. Michela decided it was time to be the representation she so often felt she lacked. She is committed to ensuring that the people of Londonderry are truly reflected in the policies that affect them.


Strong public education, Clean and safe water, and Reproductive rights

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