Juliet L. Smith

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 18

Hillsborough County
I was raised in VT, attended college in MO, where I obtained both a BS and Master’s degree. I moved to NH in 1980 and taught in the Manchester School District for many years, now retired. I am still very interested in the students of NH, as well as how schools are financed. There are so many important issues in NH today that I am interested in, and hope to get the opportunity to help work with both sides to obtain appropriate solutions for all New Hampshire résidences.


My major priority is education, both the curriculum and funding,
A way of keeping young people here in NH, instead of moving away.
Rights for all—minorities, women, etc.
Health care costs—-nursing home costs and medicines., are too expensive for many people who have to make unsafe choices .
Gun control—i Believe in the 2nd amendment, but can’t see where automatic weapons are necessary. , guns and owners need to be registered, plus background checks before purchase.

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