Jason Bourne

Candidate for New Hampshire House

District 7

Sullivan County
Hello, my name is Jason Bourne and I am running for the NH House of Representatives seat for Sullivan County District 7, which includes Charlestown, Cornish, Newport, Plainfield and Unity.

I’m passionate about education and aim to address the education funding issue which has yet to be addressed in our state, I am the pro-choice candidate running for the Sullivan County District 7 seat, and I believe that our economic viability will require that we address a housing shortage, not only in Sullivan County, but statewide. That’s a snapshot of my platform. You can find more information at www.bournenh.com.

I have been involved in town governance for over 15 years, serving on the Town of Cornish Zoning Board, have worked in the Upper Valley in high-tech industry since 1995, and currently work as the Director of Technology at Kimball Union Academy, where I work to support the technology needs of about 500 users in a dynamic academic environment. Before moving to the non-profit education sector, I worked in global product planning at TomTom, an international digital mapping and navigation corporation, in computer and technology sales to Department of Defense customers at Red River Computer, and as a product manager at iSee Systems, a private small business software developer. Throughout my career, I have honed my project management, consulting, and interpersonal skills to ensure the success of my programs and clients. I intend to leverage those same skills, along with a love for my home state and community, in collaborative legislative leadership at the NH State House.


Inclusive, equality-based communities
Fair funding of public education at the state level
Reproductive rights
Affordable housing
Workforce development
Clean energy

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