Carry Spier

Candidate for Delegate

District 6

Hillsborough County
I grew up in New York, the oldest of 5 children, educated in the public school system and have degrees in Electrical Engineering (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Computer Science (State University of New York, Stonybrook) and Systems Engineering (Johns Hopkins University). I have worked as both a systems engineer and engineering manager in the Military Aerospace Industry since 1969. In 1997 I was recruited to work at Sanders in Nashua (now BAE Systems). What started for me as a one-year trial became 23 years with my husband joining me at Sanders a year later as software lead engineer. During my long career (53 years until retirement) I have worked on projects from the Apollo missions to the F-35.


As a first-time candidate, I believe it is important to do my homework to understand the background and current state of the key priorities I would work on as a legislator. My priorities include: – Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the associated unplanned extra costs – Strengthen our public education system and require the state to adhere to their constitutional requirements. This also means fixing the tax distribution so that there is an even property tax rate across the state. – Codify into law the right of every woman to have the right to an abortion. – Provide better access to healthcare especially for the elderly and those requiring mental health support. – Prevent the legislature from eroding the rights and dignity of any group of Granite Staters. – Support legislation to make voting more accessible. – Work to protect our environment.

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