Statement on Speaker Jasper Acknowledging That Corporate Tax Cuts Will Blow a Hole in the Budget

Concord, N.H. – In an email yesterday to all members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Speaker Shawn Jasper agreed that Republicans’ proposed corporate tax cuts will blow a huge hole in the budget, and admitted that House Republicans are being driven by politics in the budget process.

Speaker Jasper agreed that corporate tax cuts would lead to a huge hole in the budget, writing, “As to the business tax cuts, I do not believe that cutting them will bring in more revenue, nor do I believe that by themselves they will make New Hampshire a more attractive state for businesses to locate to or to expand.”

“While we appreciate Speaker Jasper’s honesty in admitting that the Republicans’ unpaid for corporate tax cuts would blow a huge hole in the state’s budget and are being driven by partisan politics, his admission has truly disturbing implications for our economy and the people he and his members are supposed to be representing,” said House Deputy Democratic Leader Cindy Rosenwald. “It’s time for our Republican colleagues to stop worrying about politics and work with us under the Governor’s leadership to pass a compromise budget that is balanced, fiscally responsible and actually meets the needs of New Hampshire’s families, businesses, and economy.”