Statement from House Democrats on Devastating Budget Cuts Passed by House Finance Committee

CONCORD, NH – Representative Mary Jane Wallner and Representative Dan Eaton released the following statements on the draconian budget cuts passed by the House Finance committee.

The massive cuts would slash investments in economic priorities like making higher education more affordable, combating substance abuse, and maintaining roads and bridges. House Republicans’ “plan” would also cut funding for individuals with mental health issues, those who experience developmental disabilities, and seniors. And the Republican budget would eliminate health insurance for more than 37,000 working Granite Staters receiving coverage through the bipartisan NH Health Protection Program.

“The devastating budget cuts passed by the House Finance committee today are very similar to the devastating 2011 Bill O’Brien budget,” said Ranking Democrat on the House Finance Committee and former Finance Committee Chair Representative Mary Jane Wallner. “Instead of working together to build on our bipartisan progress of the last two years to expand opportunity, support job-creating businesses, and keep more young people in New Hampshire, House Republicans have made clear that they will try to drag our state backward in the name of partisan politics.”

“Irresponsible does not even begin to describe the reckless budget cuts passed by the House Finance committee today,” said Representative Dan Eaton. “We know that it’s possible to make smart investments while living within our means because that’s exactly what the Governor’s fiscally responsible budget plan does. Slashing funding for critical economic priorities for people and businesses while making local communities pay the price isn’t a ‘plan,’ it’s a travesty.”