Rep. Ed Butler Comments on Legislation that Would Disrupt the Health Insurance Marketplace

January 14th, 2015

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Representative Ed Butler, Ranking Democrat on the

Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee, released the following statement following the

public hearing on HB 128, which would allow the purchase of health insurance from out-of-state



“We all want to find ways to reign in and lower health care costs, and competition in the New

Hampshire health insurance marketplace has grown because of our recent policy decisions,” said

Representative Butler. “There are now five health insurance providers serving the people of

New Hampshire, with all hospitals and regions covered by the new policies. The new

benchmark plan is down 17% from 2014, among the sharpest drops in the country.”

Representative Butler continued, “HB 128 is an unworkable proposal which would disrupt the

marketplace and potentially raise costs for those who remain covered in New Hampshire.

Republicans should focus on real solutions to improve health care instead of impractical

proposals that would harm the market and the businesses serving the people of New Hampshire.”