RELEASE: Statement from Representative Mary Jane Wallner, House Budget Conferee, on the Budget Committee of Conference Agreement

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE –Representative Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord), Ranking Democrat on the House Finance Committee and a budget conferee, released the following statement following the State operating budget committee of conference agreement.

“We are in the midst of an Opioid crisis, a mental health crisis and a developmentally disabled waitlist that just grew longer and yet the decision was made by Republicans on the committee of conference to cut business taxes when we are not addressing these very real needs of our citizens.”

“In addition, Republicans decided to attack women’s health by restricting contracts on family planning and codifying a version of the “Hyde” amendment, which prevents the use of tax dollars to pay for abortion.  Because federal law already prohibits the use of tax dollars on abortion services, this is a political statement, not a budget statement.”

“Because this budget fails to provide services for some of our frailest citizens, yet does include tax cuts for the wealthiest, I cannot support it.”

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