RELEASE: Statement by Representative Shannon Chandley on Use Of Enrolled Bill Process To Change House Policy

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Representative Shannon Chandley (D-Amherst) released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted to enact significant policy changes to SB 66 through the enrolled bill amending process.

“The actions by the House today have exacerbated an already problematic piece of legislation.  SB 66, which establishes a fetus as an independent victim of a crime for the first time, does not include a useful medical or legal definition of fetus or viability.”

“After passage, it was determined that this bill as written could allow pregnant women to ‘kill with impunity.’  Instead of starting over, the majority chose an unprecedented use of the bill enrolling process to correct their mistake.  Without providing an opportunity for the legislature to fully vet the bill, the version passed today could contain similar problems.”

“It is extraordinarily disheartening to me that the body would choose to make substantive changes to the entire homicide statute at a point in the process designed to ‘correct any error or omission in the references to statutes, or other technical or clerical errors.’  Today’s actions set an extremely disturbing precedent.”