RELEASE: Repeal of Hands-Free Law Would Jeopardize Public Safety

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – The House Transportation Committee today held a public hearing on HB 214, repealing prohibitions on electronic device usage while driving.  This bill would completely repeal the 2014 “hands-free” law regarding cellular phone use while driving, as well as the 2009 prohibition on typing text messages while driving.

Representative George Sykes (D-Lebanon), Ranking Democrat on the House Transportation Committee, released the following statement after the hearing:

“As public safety experts have reiterated, our current laws have helped to change driver behavior in a good way.  Our recent statutes restricting cell phone use while driving have been significant public safety, public health improvements for our state,” said Representative Sykes.  “Everyone has observed drivers distracted by their cell phones, and understand the risk they create to others on the roadway.  The last thing we should do is eliminate common-sense restrictions that encourage dangerous behavior, as this bill would.”