RELEASE: House Democratic Leader Comments on Disturbing Allegations Against Representative Robert Fisher

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, a report was released which links Representative Robert Fisher to the creation of the misogynist online forum “The Red Pill.” The report includes examples of offensive posts purportedly made by Representative Fisher under various pseudonyms.  House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) released the following statement after seeing the report: 

“I am shocked and disturbed by the report linking Representative Robert Fisher to deeply offensive statements and the creation of a misogynistic online forum.  The posts linked to Representative Fisher, which include chilling comments in defense of rape, are beyond reprehensible and have absolutely no place in civilized discourse.  If these allegations are true, I urge Speaker Jasper to join with me in requesting that Representative Fisher resign his seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.”