RELEASE: Ahead of Trump Inauguration, NH House and Senate Democratic Leaders Urge Against Repeal of Affordable Care Act

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CONCORD – This week, in a letter to the President-elect and Congressional leadership, New Hampshire Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn and New Hampshire House Democratic Leader Stephen Shurtleff urged Congress to reconsider their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and highlighted the positive impacts the law has on New Hampshire.

“Over the past six years since the Affordable Care Act became law it has brought significant, positive changes to New Hampshire,” Senator Woodburn and Representative Shurtleff wrote in the letter. “We urge you to keep the Affordable Care Act in place and work with all interested parties to continue to improve this critical piece of legislation.”

“(The ACA) has brought financial stability to our smaller, rural hospitals as they are now compensated for the care they must provide. In a state that is in need of attracting and retaining a younger workforce, the ability for young adults to stay covered through their parents until age 26 as they work to establish their careers has proven vital,” the letter continued. “We fear the suffering that will occur if you take these benefits away.”

Sen. Woodburn and Rep. Shurtleff also invited Senate President Morse, Speaker Jasper, Senate Majority Leader Bradley, and House Majority Leader Hinch to co-sign their letter in a show of bipartisanship, but the Republican leaders declined to sign the letter.

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