O’Brien Budget Redox: House Republicans Make Drastic Cuts to Services for New Hampshire’s Seniors

House Republicans Also Cuts Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Propose Massive Cuts to the Department of Transportation

CONCORD, NH – During Monday’s House Finance Division III meeting, House Republicans continued to slash the budget for the Department of Health and Human Services, including drastic cuts to services for the elderly and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Among House Republican cuts targeting elderly NH citizens are a rate cut of $20 million  to Medicaid Quality Incentive Payments (MQIP) that funds long-term nursing home care, a $10.5 million reduction in social services for the elderly – including meals on wheels, eliminating the ServiceLink Aging and Disability Resource Center, and a number of fee increases that would disproportionately hit small nursing homes.

Not to mention that they eliminated $24 million in funding for individuals with developmental disabilities which will significantly impact individuals, families, and employers.

House Republicans are also proposing to cut more than $63 million from the Department of Transportation, which would mean over 300 layoffs and result in less plowing, fewer bridge inspections, and a halt to the expansion of I-93.

“After making drastic cuts to critical priorities like higher education and combatting substance abuse, House Republicans are now setting their sights on decimating services for our state’s seniors,” said Representative Mary Jane Wallner, Ranking Democrat on the House Finance Committee and former Finance Committee Chair. “From cutting $20 million for nursing homes to slashing funding for programs like meals on wheels, this rerun O’Brien budget will hurt our state’s most vulnerable seniors.”

“I would like to know who House Republicans think will plow our roads and inspect our bridges after their drastic cuts to the Department of Transportation,” said Representative Susan Ford, Democratic Floor Leader and a member of Finance Committee. “Yesterday, we heard testimony about how these cuts would lead to more than 300 layoffs at the Department of Transportation  and make our roads more dangerous. Undoing these reckless cuts to DOT is both a matter of public safety and critical to our businesses, families, and economic future.”