Letter to Speaker O’Brien regarding Bob Mead

Speaker William O’Brien
New Hampshire House of Representatives
State House
107 N. Main St.
Concord, NH 03301

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Speaker:

It was with great concern when I first learned about Bob Mead, an employee of the House Majority Office, billing taxpayers for Republican recruiting trips – reimbursement requests that were approved by your chief of staff, Greg Moore. The taxpayers of New Hampshire deserve an immediate apology from you for this abuse of their money.

The people of New Hampshire, as well as the members of the House, also deserve answers to questions raised by Mr. Mead’s reimbursement requests:

· Who reviews reimbursement requests for House staff members?

· Who assigned Mr. Mead the responsibility for tracking House Republican recruitment?

· Who requested that Mr. Mead attend local Republican committee meetings to recruit Republican House candidates? Were Mr. Mead’s plans to attend these events approved in advance by the Speaker, Majority Leader or Mr. Moore?

· The Concord Monitor quotes Deputy Majority Leader Shawn Jasper as saying: “To the best of my knowledge, he (Mead) is keeping track of which Republicans are planning on running. Beyond that, I’m really not sure what he’s doing.” Specifically, what other duties does Mr. Mead perform?

· Is Mr. Mead responsible for keeping track of recruitment efforts of the House Republican Caucus or any other electoral work? How much time does he spend per week on this function? Is there another employee of the Republican State Committee or the House Republican Caucus who is responsible for recruitment efforts?

· Did Mr. Mead receive comp time – funded by taxpayers – for his attendance at Republican committee events outside the normal working week?

Charging taxpayers for Republican political recruiting trips is an abuse of the public trust and of taxpayers’ money. While Mr. Mead made the reimbursement request, the responsibility for his actions rests with the Speaker and the Majority Leader. The public deserves an apology for your actions and explanation of who authorized Mr. Mead to recruit Republican candidates on the taxpayers’ dime.


Representative Terie Norelli