House Republicans Budget “Fix” at Expense of Students, Families and Property Taxpayers

CONCORD, NH – Republicans on the House Finance Committee voted today to pass a so-called budget “fix” at the expense of students, families and local property taxpayers.

The House Republicans’ “fix” would cut $28 million from the university system — cutting Fiscal Year 2016 appropriations to the University System nearly 9 percent below this year. This is on top of cutting k-12 education stabilization grants by $27 million.

Republicans on the Finance Committee also voted to cut $50 million in dedicated renewable energy funds intended to help businesses, consumers and local communities cut their energy costs. This $50 million sweep from the REF fund breaks a promise made by the Republican majority leader last January.

This so-called “fix” would also cut all aid to local communities for infrastructure.

The House budget had already cut critical health care services, including health care for nearly 40,000 people, meals on wheels for seniors, services for people with developmental disabilities. It also cut dollars dedicated by law for travel and tourism promotion in half and other economic development measures.

“This is no ‘fix’ at all as House Republicans go from bad to worse with backward cuts that will hurt students and families, and increase local property taxes,” said Representative Cindy Rosenwald, House Deputy Democratic Leader and a member of the House Finance Committee. “The people of New Hampshire sent us to Concord to make the tough decisions required to balance the budget responsibly, not to simply pass the buck onto local property taxpayers by downshifting costs onto our cities and towns.”

“The devastating cuts in the House Republican budget are a choice, not a necessity. For anyone who says that we can’t invest in critical economic priorities while living within our means, I tell them to look at the Governor’s responsible budget proposal, because that’s exactly what it does,” Rosenwald.