House Democrats Object to Redistricting of Executive Council Districts Plans Ignore Communities of Interest

CONCORD – Representative Lucy M. Weber issued the following statement regarding the passage of HB 1670, legislation regarding redistricting of Executive Council districts.

“The Republican redistricting plan does nothing to group communities with common interests together.  For example, District 2 stretches from Dublin and Marlborough up to Charlestown over to Franklin and then to New Castle and Portsmouth. The plan shifts significant population centers between districts. This is unnecessary, as the existing Executive Council Districts are already within acceptable deviations, and need not be altered at all. Clearly, the changes in this plan were enacted solely for political purposes,” stated Representative Lucy Weber.

“You have only to look at the map to see what is wrong with this redistricting plan.  District 2 looks like a dragon that swallowed a donkey. The plan is an embarrassment to anyone who voted for it.”

View the map of the Executive Council Districts at:,_0518h.pdf