House Democratic Statement on Laconia State Rep Candidate Calling for Military Coup Against President Obama

Concord, N.H. – Following the comments made by Republican State Representative candidate Jim McCoole calling for a military coup to arrest President Obama, House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff made the following statement:

“Republican State Representative Candidate Jim McCool’s comments are outrageous, troubling, and unfortunately all-too-common in the Republican Party of Donald Trump. Saying that one was ‘hoping’ that generals in our military would commit willful treason is disqualifying behavior for a candidate seeking public office.”

“On the heels of Al Baldasaro’s treasonous comments this summer, the NHGOP is clearly off the rails. Republican leadership’s continuing tolerance of dangerous rhetoric betrays the spirit of our democracy and the efficient running of our government.”

“Both Republican House leadership and NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn should disavow Mr. McCoole, his comments, and his campaign for the New Hampshire House.”



  • In a Letter to the Editor in the Laconia Daily Sun on September 23rd 2016, Republican State Rep Candidate Jim McCool’s wrote that “Since [Obama’s] re-election in 2012, I have been hoping that out of the thousands of generals and admirals in our military, that just a small handful would emerge with enough courage and conviction, to take him into custody…”
  • This is not the first time, Republican State Rep Candidate Jim McCool has talked about a violent coup, when he in 2014 wrote: “However, as long as government is going to continue to violate our First Amendment rights to free speech, to peaceably protest, and redress our grievances, we shall continue to thank God almighty for the Second Amendment. Don’t doubt me.”