House Democratic Leaders Decry Passage of Jasper-O’Brien Budget

CONCORD, NH – House Democratic Leadership today decried passage of the Jasper-O’Brien budget:

“The O’Brien-Jasper budget that passed today brings new meaning to the word ‘irresponsible,’ and was designed simply to get the blessing of Bill O’Brien and the Koch Brothers,” said House Democratic Leader Stephen Shurtleff. “But don’t just take my word for it, even the bill’s authors admitted today that this budget should never become law.”

“The budget passed today is a twisted tale of broken promises, which is to be expected from a budget that was bad enough to win approval from the Koch Brothers,” said Representative Cindy Rosenwald, House Deputy Democratic Leader and a member of the House Finance Committee. “From repealing health coverage from tens of thousands of Granite Staters to cutting funds for higher education, to slashing funding for substance abuse, seniors, mental health and individuals with developmental disabilities, this is a budget that will take our people, businesses and economy backward.”

“Not only does this budget downshift costs onto local communities and property taxpayers, but it also raids dedicated funds and empties the state’s rainy day fund, breaking House Republicans’ own promises, and threatening our state’s bond rating,” said Representative Mary Jane Wallner, Ranking Democrat on the House Finance Committee and former Finance Committee Chair. “While House Republicans like to talk about ‘fiscal responsibility,’ the reckless O’Brien-Jasper budget proves once again that House Republicans have no credibility at all on fiscal responsibility.”