House and Senate Democrats File Record Fundraising Numbers

House and Senate Democrats File Record Fundraising Numbers

Both Committees show record breaking cash on hand figures

CONCORD – With strong candidates already running all across New Hampshire, the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses announced record cash on hand totals heading into this year’s election.

The Committee to Elect House Democrats raised $247,000 and reported over $100,000 cash on hand, while the Senate Democratic Caucus has over $161,000 cash on hand and raised over $373,000 total. The Senate Caucus’ figure breaks the previous record set in 2014 of $149,000, while the House Caucus’ figure far exceeds any previous year’s record.

“We’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks as we gear up for the November election,” said House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff. “This strong financial filing reflects the enthusiasm we’re seeing on the ground for our both our candidates and our values. The House Caucus will be a vital resource for our candidates as they move closer to victory in November.”

After the candidate filing period officially ended last week, Democratic candidates for the House are covering more ground across the state than their opponents, starting out the election season with a 26-seat advantage. In the Senate, Democrats are running candidates in all 24 districts while the Republicans have failed to field any candidate in two districts.

“Senate Democrats are organized and ready to win the senate this November and our strong fundraising report demonstrates our commitment to doing just that,” added Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn. “The stakes could not be higher this election with six Republican retirements threatening to make the Republican Senate Caucus even more extreme and out of touch. Senate Democrats are prepared to move our state forward and deliver Granite Staters the results they deserve and to continue to expand opportunities.”