Democrats Warn of Downshifting to Local Communities

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Representative Randy Foose of New London and Representative Mary Stuart Gile of Concord, issued the following statements on HB 1607 and SB 372, bills which establish an education credit against the business profits tax.

“This bill would implement a tax credit for businesses offering scholarships to students attending private schools.  The program extracts money from New Hampshire’s public schools in favor of funding private, religious and home schools, thus costing the state and school districts important and sparse revenues now used towards public education,” stated Representative Randy Foose.

“This legislation is an experiment using our students and their parents as the subjects. Vouchers used throughout the nation have not been proven to produce consistent data that proves that students have gained improvement in academics or that there is an improvement in public schools,” stated Representative Mary Stuart Gile. “These bills are the wrong policy for New Hampshire students and for taxpayers.”