Democrats Condemn Republican Vote to Suppress Voter’s Rights

Concord, NH – Representative David Cote, Democratic Policy Leader on the House Election Law Committee, issued the following statement after the Republican majority voted to pass HB 1354, legislation relative to a person’s residence for voting and all other legal purposes. 

“There will be many unintended consequences from the passage of this bill. The term ‘resident’ appears in hundreds of statutes dealing with far-ranging issues from transportation to taxes and everything in between. The impact this legislation will have on those issues is thus impossible to determine. That is irresponsible legislating.”

“Most importantly, the integrity of the voting system in New Hampshire is compromised. History shows that this law could be used to target voters such as college students, low-income residents and members of our military in order to intimidate them and suppress their vote.”

“Voting is the most fundamental constitutional right of our citizens and the legislature should only pass laws that insure that everyone who is qualified to vote is able to vote.”

“I believe that passage of this bill will result in chaos at the polls, and is unnecessary.”